By Naima Karp June 6, 2018

Reasons To Join The #NoMakeup Movement

It will be better for your skin – that “no makeup” makeup look you’ve been trying will turn into a…

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By Hunter Dean June 1, 2018

The Coolest Wearable Tech Of 2018

We love some chic fashion, but the most exciting garments with hype nowadays are the ones infused with technology. Here…

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By Naima Karp May 25, 2018

Crocs Are Making A High Fashion Comeback

Crocs had a bizarre moment of popularity back in the day before they turned ironic, and faded into oblivion. We…

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By Naima Karp May 7, 2018

Korean Skincare Brands: The Hottest Thing Right Now

  Koreans have been synonymous with glowing, youthful skin for hundreds of years, and now that tits gained some international…

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