5 Natural And Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

There are common misconception that eco friendly products are less effective and less powerful than their chemical-filled counterparts, but these brands quickly prove that myth wrong.

Method All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner

The Pink Grapefruit scent is our favourite, and possible the most effective eco-friendly alternative. The ingredients aren’t just pet and friendly safe, the Method bottle is biodegradable and the company doesn’t do any animal testing. They also have a Eucalyptus shower spray that dissolves stains and is extremely gentle, as well as alluring in aroma.

Eco Me Natural Powerful Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Toilet bowls are definitely not the area that you want to skimp on when it comes to cleaning bacteria. But that doesn’t mean you have to go the harsh chemical route. Your bowl will sparkle just as beautifully with this Eco Me cleaner, which is made with plant extracts and filled with antibacterial properties, deodorizing with natural mint and no toxic fumes.

Better Life Dishwasher Gel

Everyone can agree that washing your dishes with gross, toxic detergents is a bad idea, since we directly eat off of them on a daily basis. Better Life is only $12, and lasts much longer than those nasty pods anyway, with streak-free poverties as well.. There is zero smell and fumes while the dishwasher is running, and dishes are left perfectly clean without food particles or residual soap. They also have cleaning wipes to replace those Lysol ones.

Pure Naturals Stink Free Cleaning Sponges

You might not think of sponging directly as a cleaning product, but sponges grow and harbor some of the most bacteria that is invisible to the naked eye. These Pura sponges repel those germs along with water, but hold on to oil, fat, grease and chemicals. Made totally from renewable resources and shaped like a leaf for hard-to-reach spots, you’ll have a more effective sponge and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Puracy Natural Carpet Detergent

This all Austin, Texas based organic brand manufactured in the U.S is our top pick for upholstery and carpet shampoo. It packs a heavy duty punch with its biodegradable formulas and also features recyclable packing. They also donate products to local families and children in need. While they’ll take care of your , they also have dishwasher pods, all purpose cleaners, and beauty and hair products.

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