Barbie’s Youtube Vlog Is The Ultimate Feminist Pep Talk

Barbie has been the subject of many a controversial conversation. Many women who proudly call themselves feminists regularly trashed Barbie for her lack of inclusivity and perfectly unrealistic body which ultimately did girls no favors in terms of empowerment and self esteem.

But today, Barbie has undergone a total rebranding makeover. It’s doing more for young girls around the world, and is a surprisingly conscious and aware role model spreading only messages of positivity. And all through a Youtube Vlog. While we’re used to seeing beauty and prank bloggers post regularly, an animated personality is a little more out of the box.

Some of her vlog topics include the “Sorry Reflex”, which is the incredibly empowering pep talk we need to be giving young girls in school and at home. She talks about why the word “sorry” can be problematic in a lot of contexts, and how its almost like a reflex of self blame that we need to unlearn: ‘“Sorry is a learned reflex, and every time we do it, we take away from our self-confidence.”

Tell them, Barbie! She challenges her fans to replace the word with some alternative that she offers. It’s an incredibly relevant conversation not just for little girls, but women of all ages. Apparently, the world agrees, because the animated doll has over 4.5 millions followers to date. While there’s of course some other more traditionally on-brand Barbie content like DIY lip balm, and tours of her room, but there are some other gems hidden in their similar to the “I’m Sorry Reflex” video.

Her video “Feeling blue? You’re not alone”tackles mental health and raises accessible awareness on the tricky topic of depression. Barbie cites some things that help her when she’s feeling blue, like talking to anyone, even a store clerk, laughter meditation, writing in her journal, or taking brisk walks.

Another one of our favorites is her “we can walk away from bullies” video, which confronts another polarizing issue for girls and women in all ages, in relatable contexts like school or social media. Barbie reminds people that when we walk away from a bully, “they become small and our world becomes big”.

All of the messages are inspiration and eloquently phrased, touching each of her fans in an emotional way, which is clear through all of the comments left on her videos. Who knew that Barbie was the blonde Confucius we needed to remind us of self love and self acceptance in the lowest moments?

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