Kids Movies With Strong Female Leads

Many Disney movies have messages that aren’t so empowering to women. The damsel in distress trope is getting old, and we need to teach our girls empowerment and independence. Here are our top animated picks that will help you do that.


While these protagonists aren’t the most diverse from the Disney roster, it is a heartfelt celebration of sisterhood that women need to see. Embracing and appreciating sisterhood is a huge part of being a woman and finding your authentic support network in life. Heroines Elsa and Anna don’t give up on each other, and help us remember that.


Moana introduced real diversity that women of multiple ethnicities could relate to, and its also the first Disney movie with a female-driven plot-line, but no love interest. Moana focuses on being a strong leader for her people, not finding a strong man, and that’s why we love her. She follows her heart and instincts, but own up to responsibility, inspiring her fellow islanders, and us viewers.


This is an oldie from 1998, but it was an iconic moment for female heroes in animated films, providing that women can be just as powerful and have just as much strength as a man. She reminds us that we all have a brave inner warrior - if we persevere and never give up, us tough cookies can take over the world!


This fire-haired babe doesn’t need a hair-straightener, and she also doesn’t need a man. Merida defeats, participates in battles, ultimately defeats and saves the day in a dress and with frizz-free curls. She’s more focused on arrow-slinging than having perfect princess etiquette. She act as her own hero and is unapologetic, which is an integral message to be teaching our girls.


Coraline might be called stubborn by some, but we’ll call her strong-willed. This imaginative cutie is brave as can be, and she writes her own story. Coraline encourages our society to raise brave girls and encourage adventure as opposed to sitting pretty and looking like perfect dolls. It teaches girls its ok to live wildly like boys do, and we’ll cheers to that.

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