How To Match Your Wardrobe To Your Skin Tone

Understanding the color wheel only gets you so far. While knowing the spectrum of hues is essential to dressing well, relating it to your skin tone is even more important.

Warm Skin tone

Your skin tone is warm if you have a golden, olive yellowish, or greenish base to your skin. When it comes to warm colours, stick with sunset colours: red, orange, gold-yellow, amber, and honey. For cool colours, try olive green, moss, fern, and orchid shades. Neutrals that are a hot chocolate and latte brown, a creamy white, and taupe. Avoid ice and jeweled tones with this skin type.

Cool Skin Tone

A cool skin tone has a bluish undertone, but it can range from very fair to very dark skin. Royal blue, emerald, amethyst, lavender, and bright blue are your ultimate cool colours, while warm colours that suit you are cerise, bright rose, and ruby. Neutrals which will go well with your tone are navy, gray, and a pristine ivory white. Avoid yellows and oranges.

Neutral Skin Tone

Neutral skin tone occurs when you don’t fall into either of these families. When you sit between warm and cool. You’re neutral, hence you need romantic colours which fall in the middle of the spectrum, such as dusty, rosy, and peony pinks, placid blue, military and jade greens, and light peach. Neutrals like grey, taupe and vanilla will work for you, while bright and vibrant fire tones will overwhelm your skin type, and should be avoided.

If you’re still confused by your skin type, looking at the veins on the inside of your write can help. Blue veins tend to infer a warm undertone, while green veins can infer a cool one.

After you get to know these skin tones and the colours that correlate below, group your clothing via colour as opposed to the type of garment they are. Organizing your wardrobe like this can help you keep thinking in this scope.

Take pictures of the winning combinations if you find a colour blend that really works. Shop for clothes that work within this colour scheme, even if something looks oh-so-pretty on the rack.

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