Top 5 Beauty Subscription Box Services

Sometimes, curating your own products is too tiring - you just want to be lazy and put your refreshed get-ready routine in the hands of someone else. Lucky for you, we picked out the best beauty subscription boxes which take away that monthly panic, for a reasonable price.


If you’re more of a no-makeup kind of gal, this all-natural brand focuses on nourishing your skin from the inside out. Their garden-given ingredients are void of parabens and synthetics, using soothing formulas which are made to heal and protect. Sensitive skin queens might want to look into their products filled with Floralux (a form of green chlorophyll) which is a nourishing powerhouse of antioxidants which decreases redness and defends cell with tons of vitamins. with ingredients like Floralux,


First off, this makeup, skin, and hair kit comes in a gorgeously wrapped millennial pink box with 5 luxurious beauty products (4 full sized) valued at over $120 - and you just have to pay $20 a month. We love that it’s a whole beauty approach, not just skincare, or makeup, or hair. All in one makes this a winner! The picks are curated by global experts who are on top of all the latest trends. Plus, the packaging makes this a fantastic gift.


Some would argue that this isn’t technically beauty, but we think beauty is more than makeup. Perfume is a huge part of a woman’s allure, and plays a big role in her beauty routine. Can’t find that one perfume that really embodies “you”? You can now experience the thrill of new perfumes without sneakily going to Sephora and getting samples. Scentbird offers a 30-day supply of niche, designer fragrances - “date perfumes before marrying them,” as they say!

Love Goodly

For the all-natural folks out there, Love Goodly stays far away from all those chemicals, toxins, and environmentally detrimental products. They focus on vegan, eco-friendly, and nontoxic ingredients which are “curated with love’. Full size, deluxe products are delivered every other month, and they blend nontoxic skincare in along with the beauty, which is a bonus. Some healthy snacks and wellness products might also pop up. Purchases support causes, including Farm Sanctuary.

Lip Monthly

For those with more of a niche interest, lip monthly is the box that your kissers have been dying to try. All products are full sized and contains a range of lipsticks, lip glosses, lip balms and lip stains. Niche brands and big brands make up the 4-5 deluxe items that they ship each month, and subscribers save up to 90% through member offers and giveaways. You can also earn points towards free items for reviewing bags and referring friends.

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