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5 “Healthy” Habit Myths That Are Actually Bad For You

Healthy living has become more of a lifestyle choice than a scientific proof, but instead of trends, we’re here to give you hard facts. When it comes to our health, we want to know the truth, and the internet is making us gullible. Here are the top myths you didn’t know.

Juice is good for you. While you might think that putting down the Coca Cola and swapping it out for a strawberry-banana smoothie is good for you, there are just as many sugars, and both are just as likely to make you pre-diabetic. It essentially builds down to carbonated or non carbonated differences, so we suggest putting aside both and trying sparkling water.

Detoxes are proven necessary. Detoxes are actually a relatively new introduction to our lifestyles, and some of them are actually proving to be more harmful than helpful. No long term research has been done on the benefits of things like fasting, juicing, and enemas, but there are proven side effects of GI disorders, liver failure, and bloating. Just stick to a natural, healthy diet filled with fruit and veggies.

Vegetables and fruits should always be peeled. We might have learned this from our parents, and while its always necessary to wash your produce, the actual consumption of the skin doesn’t have to do with this. According to nutritionists, removing skin of veggies removes intestinal fibre that helps digestion, and different vitamins.

The redder the salmon, the healthier. Your colour preconceptions about salmon could be very false. The more vibrant or bright red your salmon is doesn’t matter, since it usually just means it was dyed. Lighter salmon is more experience and packed with more healthy Omega 3 fats. White streaks are a good indictor of no dye - it doesn’t mean anything’s wrong with the fish.

Always stretch before a workout. Static stretching is actually bad for you, before training, and can negatively impact your workout. Instead, try dynamic stretches and joint articulation. Static stretching should be reserved for post training after to maintain flexibility and prevent muscle soreness.

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